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                          May 2006 AICP Exam Results                          
                                                             ILAPA is pleased to announce the following          individuals passed the May 2006 AICP exam and are now qualified          members of the American Institute of Certified Planners (AICP). Be sure          to congratulate them on a job well done!
         Christina Anderson 
         Latika Bhide 
         Gina Caruso 
         Emily Dannenberg 
         Michael Ferencak 
         Heather Gleason 
         Jonathan Grosshans 
         Joshua Huntington 
         Michelle Keasler 
         Michelle Kulikowski 
         Christopher Mathias 
         Teresa Norfleet 
         Priyadarsini Ramakrishnan 
         Timothy Scott 
         Timothy Selover 
         Jamie Simone 
         John Svalenka 
         Heather Tabbert 
         Sean Wiedel 
         Karen Zilly 
         Antonina Zozulya 
             The Illinois pass rate was 81%, national rate was 67%. Congratulations to all new AICP members!
                          Volunteers Needed!                          
                                                             Would you like to get involved in ILAPA? If so, send an          e-mail to Kate Lockerby at          secretary at ilapa.org with your contact information.
                          Scenarios for Sustainability              Survey                          
                                                                  Redefining Progress is asking planners throughout the country to              complete a 20 minute survey as part of an ongoing process to refine              the Scenarios for Sustainability (S2) toolkit. The S2 toolkit              encompasses a set of indicators that provide information about the              degree to which policies, programs, and plans meet objectives for              sustainability. Responses are confidential and used solely for              internal analytical purposes. Survey results will be available at              the end of the summer. Please take the time to provide valuable              input into these new and progressive planning tools.                          Click here for survey
             Direct questions to: survey at rprogress.org
                          So How's the Residential Market              Doing?                          
                                                                 Second-quarter single-family home sales by Illinois region:
                          Region: 2006; 2005; % Change
             DuPage County: 2,900; 2,444; -15.7%
             Will County: 2,806; 2,285; -18.6%
             Grundy County: 152; 176; +15.8%
             Kendall County: 417; 439; +5.3%
             Chicago area: 23,246; 20,386; -12.3%
             Illinois: 37,345; 34,728; -7.0%
             Source: Illinois Association of Realtors                                                      
                                   Onward and Upward
                                                                 After 9 years, Anne E. Kane, AICP is leaving her position as Planning Manager              for the Village of Lincolnshire. She is moving on to Village of              Northfield where she will be the Director of Community Development.
       Changing Jobs? Share the big news about your latest career              move! Send the Editor the particulars and we’ll announce it in the next issue.
                          2007 National Planning Awards Call              for Entries                          
                                                    Get started on              nominations for the 2007 National Planning Excellence, Leadership,              and Achievement Awards. The deadline for most award categories is              September 11, 2006 and the online application will be available by              August 1. The call for entries, which includes available award              categories, criteria, and general submission information, is posted              now:                          learn more
                          Did you know?                          
                                                           Cahokia Mounds State Historic Site--most sophisticated          prehistoric native civilization north of Mexico
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                      Welcome to the September-October News            BLAST!...The            featured articles for this month:We all may be familiar with the success stories of army base            redevelopment in Glenview, IL and Fort Sheridan, IL but how many of            you have heard of redevelopment efforts at the Savanna Army Depot in            Jo-Carroll County, IL? 
           Now that the big-box ordinance has passed through Chicago's            City Council, how will the ordinance affect the rest of us?
           The emerald ash borer is in Illinois - are you ready?
           In other news...Early registration ends Sept 11th for the           Upper            Midwest Four State Conference. Be sure to check                       http://www.ilapa.org/2006conf.html frequently, new information is            being posted on an            ongoing basis! Program and registration information is now available.            Please note the Country Inn & Suites link was incorrect - please            confirm the hotel location if you have a reservation.
           There is plenty of news from around the U.S. and state with highlighted            articles on this page. Don't forget to scroll all the way down to check out  the calendar and job postings.
                                                                                              Savanna Army Depot Redevelopment
           by David Ylinen
           During WWII, the Savanna Army Depot was the            largest munitions depot in the USA. Now, after its closure in 2000,            the Local Redevelopment Authority is inching its way towards economic            growth. Setbacks are nothing new in this redevelopment but persistence            is paying off.                                                                                                                  
                                                                                   Chicago Big Box Living Wage Ordinance
           by Sarah K. Wiebenson
           The Chicago ordinance joins a number of initiatives across the country            to expand big-box regulation beyond  aesthetic impacts. Increased            concern for the socioeconomic impacts of large-scale retail supports            more nuanced regulations.                                                                                                                                             
                                                                        Avoiding the High Cost of the Emerald Ash Borer
           by Thais Reiff and Bethany Meisinger-Reiff
           Containment efforts are slowing the emerald ash borer’s spread but a            statewide invasion is generally considered not a question of “if,” but            of “when.” Planners can mitigate the economic impact by planning            ahead.                                                    
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                President's Greeting
     Mark Koplin, AICP, ILAPA President
                 Illinois State Section Report
     Rob Kowalski, AICP, ISS Director
     If you are a member of APA and outside the metro area, you’re an ISS Member!      Upcoming events include 2 citizen planner workshops and a fall conference.      Be sure to see if you qualify for a APA-ISS scholarship to the Upper Midwest      Four State Conference.
                     Chicago Metro Section Report
     Michael Mays, AICP, CMS Director
     Learn about the upcoming Program Committee Meeting and fall election. Also      learn what you can get out of your involvement in APA.
                      Upper Midwest Four State Conference UPDATE!
     Rob Kowalski, Conference Co-Chair
                                 'Big-box' wage law passes (Chicago, IL)
           "The so-called "big-box" ordinance applies to stores of at least            90,000 square feet operated by firms with $1 billion or more in annual            sales. Beginning next July, employees will be paid a            minimum of $9.25 an hour in wages and $1.50 in fringe benefits.."
           Chicago Tribune, July 26, 2006
                                 Wal-Mart may bring upscale Supercenter to area
           A more affluent Wal-Mart store is looking for a            home in Illinois. Is your community the one?
           Chicago Tribune, August 1, 2006
                                 U.S.O.C. to Visit U.S. 2016 Finalists
           Chicago is 1 of 3 finalists for the 2016 Olympic Games. The Committee            visited Chicago on August 8.
           The New York Times, August 8, 2006
                                 `Museum' area may cut taxes for store
        (Hoffman Estates, IL)        A giant Cabela's outdoors store planned for Hoffman Estates            would save on its property taxes because part of the store would be            designated as a tax-exempt museum under a package of more than $23            million in incentives.           In return for the local tax breaks and about $17 million in state            subsidies and incentives, Cabela's would build a 185,000-square-foot            store in the Prairie Stone business park and guarantee at least 225            local jobs.
           Chicago Tribune, August 18, 2006
                                 Panel eyes commuter plan: Rockford to Elgin
           Options to connect Rockford and Elgin are currently being studied. An            alternative would be selected in late 2007.
           The Courier News, August 31, 2006
                      Downtown Algonquin may get condos
           (ALGONQUIN, IL) — A new condo development brings optimism to downtown            redevelopment. Zoning commissions approves, historic commission            disapproves.
           The Courier News, Aug 18, 2006
           FOLLOW UP:                      Trustees jump on the bandwagon
                                 Energy company to build ethanol plant in Kankakee
           (Kankakee, IL) - Construction on a ethanol plant in the Kankakee            Industrial Park will begin in 6-9 months. 55 jobs, $35M bushels of            corn each year. Access to I-57 and rail. Plus using methane gas from a            nearby landfill.           
           Napeville Sun, August 22, 2006
                                 Residents debate home-based business issues while Plan Commission            waits (Naperville, IL)
           Naperville proposes changes to the city code governing home-based            businesses. The new plan is a 2-step process: first, allows for a            neighbor affected by the home business in question to petition for a            review from the city. If the review finds no fault but neighbors            continue to believe their rights are being compromised, then property            owners can petition for a hearing before the ZBA.
           Napeville Sun, August 18, 2006
                                 Carson's State Street store closing (Chicago, IL)
           Building's owner has other plans.
           Chicago Tribune, Aug 24, 2006
           Kendall County ranked 8th in the nation in housing-unit growth            between July 2004 and July 2005, according to a U.S. Census Bureau.
           Chicago Tribune, Aug 22, 2006
           Landmarks Preservation Council of Illinois has recently            shortened its moniker to Landmarks Illinois. They feel it is a            more manageable name that also helps emphasize their statewide            responsibilities.
           Regional Planning Board approves new name
           RPB votes to approve new name. In its June 21, 2006 meeting, the            Regional Planning Board voted to rename itself CMAP, the Chicago            Metropolitan Agency for Planning. Visit            http://www.rpbchicago.org/ for more            information.
                                                                  Churches Putting Town Out of Business (Stafford, TX)
           Stafford, Tx is trying to find a legal way to prevent more churches            from coming to town. With 51 churches in 7 sq. mi. who's going            to pay for city services with no tax base?
           The L.A. Times, July 31, 2006
                                 Cul-de-sacs lose charm for cities, not for residents (Seattle,            WA)           Even though cul-de-sacs are preferred by residents, are they good for            the community? Traffic? Some cities believe not and are cutting back            on them.
           The Seattle Times, August 6, 2006
                                 Ballot proposal would limit farm land use 
           (Lapeer Cnty, MI) Tax money would be used to pay a farmer a one-time            fee that would forever restrict the land  be used for agricultural purposes.            Cost to taxpayers will be            $1.2 million/year for the next 8 years.
           ABC12.com, August 7, 2006
                                 Builders Can Help End Obesity Trend in Children
           Give children a place to walk, play, and interact with nature and            there will be a decrease in childhood obesity.
           National Building News, August 2, 2006
                      In New Orleans, Each Resident Is Master of Plan to Rebuild
           The Greater New Orleans Foundation is set to begin a series of public            meetings in 70 neighborhoods throughout New Orleans in order to piece            together a master plan for the City. Neighborhoods are now in control            of their own fate yet the City continues to ignore their outdated            zoning. It is yet to be seen whether this approach with strengthen or            weaken the social inequities plaguing the City.
           New York Times, August 3, 2006
           Sound Bite Society
           "Planners should take a cue            from the late attorney Johnnie Cochran and come up with a phrase that            will stick in the minds of citizens."
           Planetizen, August 14, 2006
                                 From Traditional to Reformed: A Review of the Land Use Regulations in            the Nation's 50 largest Metropolitan Areas
           A comprehensive survey of local land use regulations in the 50 largest            metropolitan areas.
           The Brookings Institute, August 2006
                      Ohio's High Court Backs Property Owners
           The Ohio Supreme Court ruled unanimously that economic development            isn't a sufficient reason under the state constitution to justify            taking homes, putting a halt to a $125 million project of offices,            shops and restaurants in a Cincinnati suburb that officials said would            create jobs and add tax revenue.
           Associated Press, July 26, 2006
                                 At New Rentals, the Aim Is to Age With Creativity
           "Burbank Senior Artists Colony, the country’s first apartment            community for creative older people — a sort of “Golden Girls” meets            Yaddo."
           New York Times, September 10, 2006                                     
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        For details and more events,                           click              here
                          September              13, 2006
                          Clean Water in the Midwest Workshop
             September 14-15, 2006
                                       Retrofitting the Suburbs: New Urbanism in the Midwest. 
                          September 15, 2006
                          Trends in Suburban              Economic Development program hosted by the Chicago Metro              Section (CMS); to be held in Downers Grove 9:00 am to 11:30 am.  For              more information contact Michael Mays at                          mmays at vil.woodridge.il.us.
                          September 16-20, 2006
                                       International Economic Development Council Annual Conference
                                                    September 18-22, 2006
                                       Orientation to Environmental Assessment.                            
                          September 20, 2006
                          Illinois Chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects              annual golf outing.
             September 27, 2006
             APA Citizen Planners Workshop in              Collinsville, IL. Hosted by the Illinois State Section (ISS). Topics              include "New Trends in the Single-Family Housing Market" and              "Planning Commission Test Cases". Click                                        here for an agenda and registration form.              Questions? Contact              lreime at mascoutah.com.
                          September 29,              2006
             Conservation Subdivision Design              Forum
             September 29, 2006
             Fall AICP Review session in Chicago, Click                                        here for announcement and registration form              for more information or contact Roseann O'Laughlin at (312) 251-3000              or              rolaughlin at ekmail.com.
             October 4 - 6, 2006
                          Upper              Midwest Regional Four-State Planning Conference & Annual Illinois              APA State Conference to be held              at the              Pheasant Run Resort &              Spa in St. Charles, IL.  Join fellow planners from              throughout the Midwest at one of Illinois' premier resorts.
                          October 13, 2006
                                       APA Citizen Planners Workshop              will take place in the McLean County Board Room of the Government              Center, 115 East Washington Street, Bloomington, IL on Friday,              October 13, 2006. Please contact                           philip.dick at mcleancountyil.gov              for a registration form. Click                                        here for an agenda.
                          October 11 - 13, 2006
                          Illinois Enterprise              Zone Association (IEZA) Conference and Annual Meeting. 
             October 26 & 27, 2006             
             APA ISS Meeting "Mix Things Up -              Creating Unique Partnerships in Your Community"
             The meeting will be held in Decatur, IL. Call Sandy              Cole 217-423-3189 for registration form or email                           kjmiller at decaturnet.org.              Click                           here              for an agenda.
                                                    November              1, 2006
             Deadline for Landmarks Illinois 2007 Ten Most Endangered              Historic Places in Illinois.
                                                    November 4-8, 2006
                          Rail-Volution 2006
             November 6-20, 2006
                          November 2006 AICP Exam testing. 
                                       March 1-2, 2007
             2007 Planning Institute              entitled "Community Matters"
                                       April 14-18, 2007
                          APA National Planning Conference                                                                  
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    COMMUNITY PLANNING CONSULTANT, Brick Industry Association; Chicago metropolitan area
                                        ASSOCIATE PLANNER - Village of Wheeling, IL
                                        PLANNING INTERN - City of Naperville, IL
                                       LANDSCAPE PLANNER - Village of Bolingbrook, IL
                                         TRANSPORTATION PLANNING INTERN - City of Naperville, IL
                                         MPO TRANSPORTATION PLANNER - City of DeKalb, IL
                                         ASSOCIATE PLANNER - Land Vision, Inc.; Chicago, IL
                                                    ASSOCIATE PLANNER - MSA Professional Services, Inc.; Madison,WI
                                                    ENGINEERING TECHNICIAN - Village of Orland Park, IL                                     
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