[ApaIllinois] Welcome to the new ILAPA Forum

ILAPA Editor editor at ilapa.org
Fri Feb 2 14:03:55 CST 2007

Welcome to the new ILAPA Forum. When planners have questions about planning matters who do they ask? Normally they'd knock on the wall of the cubicle next to them...now you have the opportunity to ask 1,400 of your closest planning friends. If you have a question, send it to the ILAPA Editor at editor at ilapa.org. The Editor will post the question to the Chapter's listserv. Answers to the question should be sent back to editor at ilapa.org and not the listserv (in order to cut down on the number e-mails you receive). The answers will be forwarded to the person who asked the question as well as complied and published in the next newsletter.

If you have concerns about the ILAPA Forum or any other ILAPA matters, please contact the Editor at editor at ilapa.org
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