[ApaIllinois] ILAPA Forum Question: Which demographics to include in comp plan?

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Tue Mar 13 14:27:31 CDT 2007

We are a Chicago  suburb that is currently updating its Comprehensive Land Use Plan.  For the existing conditions chapter of the Plan it is being debated whether to include the demographic information for our immediate neighbors.  The current draft of the plan already compares our demographics to county data.  It has been suggested to also include demographic information for our neighboring municipalities.  We fear that also including our neighbors in addition to the County may be too much information for our residents and potential development interests to digest.  We also believe that it may take some of the focus of the plan away from explaining our community.  We are curious to know a) if other communities have compared demographic data to their immediate neighbors or was b) comparing themselves to just their respective county sufficient for explaining the current “snapshot” of their community?


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