[ApaIllinois] ILAPA Forum is moving to Yahoo! Groups

ILAPA Editor editor at ilapa.org
Fri May 25 14:03:44 CDT 2007

Due to the the ILAPA Forum's great success, it is being moved off of the ILAPA listserve to a Yahoo! Group called APA-IL Forum. 

You can visit the group at:

Subscribe by sending an e-mail to:
 apailforum-subscribe at yahoogroups.com

Members of this group will be able to post questions and answers directly to the group. You can choose whether to receive each question to your e-mail or receive a daily digest to your e-mail. 

Is strongly encourage your to subscribe to this group - in the few months we have been running the ILAPA Forum, the responses have been truly exceptional! Let's keep it going!

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