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                                                                                                         The Burr Ridge Village Center PUD and Sub-Area Plan
           by Doug Pollock, AICP
           "The planning process that            created the Burr Ridge Village Center transformed a developer’s            request for a mixed use lifestyle center into the Village’s first and            only downtown neighborhood."                                                                                                                                 
                                                                                   Planning Prep – Training America’s Professional Planners
           by Trevor Dick, AICP & Devin Lavigne, AICP
           Familiar with Planning Prep as a  tool for AICP            exam takers?. The program won the 2007 APA-IL Gold Award for Program,            Project or Tool. Read about its evolution and plans for the future.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Illinois State Section Spring Conference
     Join us March 27th-28th in Springfield!
     by Rob Kowalski, AICP, ISS Director
               President's Column
     by Karen Stonehouse, AICP, APA-IL President
                           Legislative Committee Update
     Focus on Transit!
     by Sharon Caddigan, AICP, Legislative Committee Chair
                     Public Relations Committee Update
     Single PR Committee seeking 3 new members!
     by Jason Zawila, AICP, PR Committee Chair
                          Chicago Metro Section Update
     Upcoming events for 2008!
     by Allison Laff, AICP, CMS President
     Illinois State Section Update
     Looking forward to 2008!
     by Rob Kowalski, AICP, ISS Director                      
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Not sure what regions are? Not sure what region you're in? Visit the            map at:            http://www.ilapa.org/sections.html 
           The Campaign for Sensible Growth disbanded at the start of 2008 after            9 years of successful advocacy. The Campaign's partners will continue            to work towards sustaining the Campaign's work. Contact Michael            Davidson at            mdavidson at metroplanning.org if you'd like to stay involved.
                      Transit back on track
           Lawmakers have found a way to avoid service cuts but it may be up to            two months before they figure out how to provide those 65 and over            free rides.
           Chicago Tribune, January 17, 2008
                      Housing gridlock in Will County: Buyers are scared, sellers stuck
           "One of the nation's fastest-growing counties in recent years, Will            County now has the highest foreclosure rate in Illinois and its            housing market has come to a standstill. There are precious few home            buyers these days, despite the dense traffic, commercial development            and other signs of economic vitality."
           Chicago Tribune, January 13, 2008
           REGION 1 - Christopher Limas, AICP, Coordinator
                      LACON: Judge rules Marshall zoning ordinance too vague
           "A judge has declared Marshall County’s rural zoning ordinance            “unconstitutionally vague” in a long-running legal battle stemming            from a maverick gravel pit started outside Henry by a Pekin man 3½            years ago."
           Peoria Journal Star, January 2, 2008
           Courtesy Shawn Christ, City of Moline            
           REGION 2 - Chris Mathias, AICP, Coordinator
           For a 6th year, the Bi-State Regional Commission (Quad Cities MPO) is            hosting a series of free APA audio-visual conferences.                      Click here for details.
           City of Peoria has an blog discussing Economic Development in the City            of Peoria. Join in the conversation at:                       www.cityofpeoria.blogspot.com 
           Courtesy Craig Hullinger, City of Peoria            
           REGION 3 - Mishauno Woggon, Coordinator
           The City of Champaign has a new transportation plan,                      Champaign Moving Forward. The draft plan is now available.
                      Mattoon takes right path in seeking city planner 
           In light of several incomplete projects, the FutureGen project,            promising economic growth, and job opportunities coupled with an            increased population, Mattoon is desperate for comprehensive            development and is in need of a professional.
           Journal Gazette/Times-Courier, January 18, 2008
           Energy Department pulling plug on FutureGen
           Citing rising costs, the Department of Energy has opted out of the            FutureGen project planned for Mattoon, IL.
           Crain's, January 29, 2008
           REGION 5 - Jennifer Howland, Coordinator            
                      Environmental Program Grants and awards that Madison County is            currently involved with. In addition a report on the current                      Levee Crisis facing the Metro-East. Courtesy Frank Miles,            Madison County, IL.
                      Going green: Ground broken for eco-friendly subdivision
           In November, ground broke on Metro-East's first sustainable            subdivision. “Green” building concepts will include: the use of            recyclable material, stormwater management, energy-efficient homes and            preserving the environment.           
           The Telegraph, November 23, 2007
           Courtesy Megan Riechmann, Mascoutah, IL
           REGION 6 - Rob Keehn, Coordinator 
                      Seniors applaud move by Illinois' governor to give seniors free rides            on buses and trains operated by transit agencies.
           An "amendatory" veto added to the transit funding package, demanding            that the Legislature agree to allow free transportation for older            adults throughout the state
           ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH, January 14, 2008
                                            The Life And Death Of The Shopping Mall
           The Economist, Dec 19, 2007
                      Smart Growth - A Fire Chief's Perspective
           How dense cluster developments, narrow streets, dead ends, minimum            setbacks and other smart growth tactics  make fighting fires even            more challenging.
           Mutual Aid, A Fire Chief Blog, November 29, 2007
                      Where Workers Go, Do Jobs Follow?
           "Local labor market policy should better maximize access to good jobs            and skill-building opportunities for all workers throughout the            metropolitan area. Employer access to potential workers should be            enhanced as well, regardless of where the workers and the jobs are            located."
           The Brookings Institution, December 31, 2007
           OSU Center for Farmland Policy Innovation published its           2007            Local Farmland Protection Successes in Ohio. The Center also put            together model to examine county-level farmland preservation needs and            current activity as a great way to start a discussion about            preservation priorities.           Visit            the model here.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 For more              information on these events, visit:
             Tuesday,              February 5
             ● AICP Exam Application Deadline for May              2008 Exam
             Thursday, February 7
             ● New Partners for Smart Growth Conference              (Feb 7-Feb 9)
             ● Illinois Department of Commerce and              Economic Opportunity 2008 Environmental Workshops (various dates &              locations throughout February)
             ● The DePaul Real Estate Center and the              Chaddick Institute Managing Risk in Sustainable Building Conference              (Feb 7- Feb 8)
             ● Friends of Downtown Lunch Program:              Children's Memorial Hospital
             ● UIC Panel Series: MPA Alumni working at              the GSA
             Tuesday, February 12
             ● APA-IL CMS Event: Design Matters: Going              for the Look Your Community Wants
             Thursday, February 14
             ● Society of American Military Engineers,              Lake Michigan Post Luncheon: Critical Infrastructure Protection
             Wednesday, February 20
             ● UIC - Green Planning: How Chicago-area              Developers & Planners Are Creating a Greener Chicago
             Saturday, March 1
             ● IDOT Highway Safety Improvement Program              Funding Proposal Development Workshop
             Wednesday, March 5
             ● Regional Equity ’08 PolicyLink (Mar              5-Mar 7)
             Thursday, March 6
             ● UIC Lecture: "Minnesota Fats Faces the              Future: Where Now in the Study of City Politics?"
             Wednesday, March 19
             ● Chaddick Technical Workshop: Rising              Tide: Best Practices for Municipal Governments Dealing with              Stormwater and Flood-Controls Problems
             Thursday, March 20
             ● APA-IL CMS Event: Complete Streets:              Designing Roads for All Users 
             Thursday, March 27
             ● APA-IL                          ISS Spring Conference in Springfield, IL (Mar 27-28)                                                                  
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            Community Development Deputy Director
Village of Mount Prospect, IL
            Planning & Zoning Coordinator
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            Village Planner
Village of Lemont, IL
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