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We're Looking for Legacy Builders

The Illinois Chapter  of APA is calling for volunteers to participate in a charrette
in Spring 2009 to help develop specific implementation plans and
strategies for the Midewin National Tallgrass Prairie (see sidebar).
2009 will be the centennial year of Daniel Burnham’s Plan of Chicago
and the Illinois Chapter of APA and its allied
professional organizations want to create a plan fulfilling Midewin’s
potential as Chicagoland’s greatest open space and to create a legacy
for future generations. 
The Midewin Burnham Legacy Task Force is a collaborative effort of
the Illinois Chapter of APA, the Illinois Chapter of ASLA, and the
Eastern Illinois Chapter of AIA, along with the Openlands and the US
Forest Service. This partnership is an outgrowth of a larger regional
effort being lead by Chicago Metropolis 2020 to celebrate the  Burnham Plan Centennial.
Our goal is to prepare a plan to help  Midewin
achieve the original vision as an environmental, educational and
economic development resource for the Chicago metropolitan region. Part
of the redevelopment of the former Joliet Arsenal, Midewin offers
opportunities for adaptive re-use, recycling, landscape restoration,
interpretive trails and exhibits, environmental education, eco-tourism
development, sustainable development, and more. One objective of this
project is to identify a project that will be funded and for which
ground breaking will occur in 2009. It is the intention of the allied
professional organizations to obtain regional and national attention
within their respective organizations for this collaborative effort and
the resulting plan and recommendations.

  The Charrette:

    Interested persons should contact  (Illinois Chapter APA) Walter Magdziarz; (Eastern Illinois Chapter AIA) John F. Benware, Jr.; or  (Illinois Chapter ASLA) Beverly Nykiel. Background  information will be e-mailed to interested persons prior to the Charrette in March 2009.
  There will be a charrette in March 2009 to prepare for Midewin:
      A design for a day-use area in the park (with the expectation that a groundbreaking ceremony can be held in the Fall of 2009);
transportation ideas and concepts which will be incorporated in a
transportation feasibility plan addressing transportation and
experiences to and from, as well as within Midwein; 
      A design for an
environmental learning center (ELC) which is part of a comprehensive
trail facilities plan (with the expectation that funding for the ELC
can be recruited from private donors); and
     Land use and design recommendations to assist Midwein and its growing municipal neighbors to peacefully coexist.
      The charrette will be held onsite or very near Midewin and is expected to occupy most of one of the Saturdays in March 2009.


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