[ApaIllinois] Studying for the November AICP Exam? - REGISTRATION INFORMATION

APA-IL Editor editor at ilapa.org
Wed Aug 5 18:23:13 CDT 2009

Registering for the APA-IL AICP Exam Study Session has been made even easier:
	1. Those interested in the study session, but not attending the 2009 Upper
Midwest Conference, can register online for the study session only.Visit http://www.ilapa.org/conf/09/conf09_AICP.html for registration information. (But why stop there? Make "big plans" and stay for the whole conference - it only happens once in a hundred years! See #2...)
	2. Those registering for the 2009 Upper Midwest Conference can add the study session to their extra conference event options.
	3. Credit card payments are accepted online (by registering through the conference's website).Registration for the 2009 Upper Midwest Conference and APA-IL's AICP Exam Study Session is available at 
http://www.ilapa.org/conf/09/conf09_AICP.html. Don't delay!

The AICP Study Session has also been made even more affordable thanks to a generous subsidy from APA-IL.
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