[ApaIllinois] Two Opportunities to Earn FREE CM Credits

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 APA is offering two free opportunities to earn CM credits:

Planning for Healthy Places with Health Impact 
					Assessments    CM | 6
(online course; free through June 2009) is a ‘how to’ guide for conducting health impact assessments (HIAs), developed by the  American Planning Association and the  National Association of County & City Health Officials, sponsored by the  Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. This online course will explain the value of conducting an HIA and the steps involved in conducting an HIA. Throughout the course, examples of health impact assessments have been highlighted and discussed.

Making a Difference with Green Community Strategies  CM | 1
(podcast of the 2008 AICP symposium) Environmental sustainability and climate change issues are consuming
the nation's attention. As of February 2008, nearly 800 mayors have
pledged to "meet or beat" the Kyoto Protocol greenhouse gas emission
reduction target for the United States. Local leaders of cities and
regions are adopting a wide array of green community strategies:
"green" municipal operations and construction standards, alternative
forms of transportation, and "energy smart" growth.http://www.planning.org/aicp/symposium/2008/index.htm

Two new online courses, "Hot Topics in Planning Law" and "Ethical
Practice for Practicing Planners," will be available in early spring
and announced in APA Interact for Certified Planners.

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