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July 21,


Dear APA-IL Chapter Member:


This fall, the Illinois Chapter will be 
its bi‑annual elections, and the  process
begins this summer. As Past-President, I am in charge of putting 
together a
slate of candidates for the APA-IL Chapter Board, as well as the two Sections.  These positions include:


 Chicago Metro
Section                 Illinois State

President                    President                                            Director

Vice President           Vice
 President                                   Assistant

Secretary                    Secretary                                            Secretary

Treasurer                    Treasurer                                            Treasurer



By tradition, past practice and the realities 
of a
volunteer organization, the Past President nominates a slate of 
candidates, one
for each position.  I am in the process
of assembling the slate.  Some of the
incumbents will likely wish to continue.


Per the Chapter By‑Laws, I am required to 
the commencement of the election process. 
I also am required to notify membership that any member may 
ensure that
his or her name is on the election ballot (in addition to whomever is 
slated) so
long as a Nominating Petition is submitted to the Nominating Committee 
Past President).  The petition must
include at least 100 signatures of Chapter members.  The
 deadline for such submission is August 15, 2010.  Please send
me an email if you are interested (mark.koplin at hoffmanestates.org).


Ballots, along with bios and position 
will either be emailed or in October, with 30 days to vote and return 
to the Committee, or we will notify you of  an 
electronic balloting option.  The results will be 
announced by mid-December
and the new Board will take office on January 1,


Please contact me if you have any questions.

 Mark Koplin, AICP

APA-IL Past President


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