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From: The American Planning Association – Illinois Chapter (APA-IL)

Daniel Burnham is often considered one of the fathers of modern land planning. However, even early civilizations utilized land planning as a tool to help establish development needs. Native American settlements were located close to water and hunting grounds that served as resources. Later on, colonial settlement patterns were established near ports for an ease of transport. In more recent times, Daniel Burnham, Ernest Burgess, and Homer Hoyt all explore patterns of city development in the late 19th Century and early 20th Century. A comprehensive planning chronology can be found on the American Planning Association’s website at: http://myapa.planning.org/pathways/1682.htm

Land planning has evolved into a profession that requires its members to know “a little about a lot of things.” Planners must understand the psychology of human needs, the sociology of human interaction, the function of engineers to establish infrastructure, and how finance supports development while bound by land use laws and practices.

One of the best ways to learn more about the planning profession is through the American Planning Association (APA). The APA is an organization that serves as a resource and regulatory body for planning professionals. The APA was established in 1978 as a consolidation of the American Institute of Planners (chartered in 1917) and the American Society of Planning Officials (chartered in 1934). The APA has 47 chapters (some chapters are a combination of two or more states). Illinois is a single-state chapter (APA-IL). The APA (http://www.planning.org/) and APA-IL (http://www.ilapa.org) have websites that help provide an overview of the planning profession along with resource and outreach tools. Both websites listed above provide extensive information on the planning profession and have contact information for specific questions.

October is regarded as National Community Planning Month, which serves as a time for planners to celebrate their profession and help convey to the community what their profession represents.

Perhaps the best way to celebrate National Community Planning Month is to take a look at your surroundings and identify physical aspects of your community that you enjoy and appreciate. Good developments happen because professional planners recognize the needs of a community and are capable of assembling a strategy to bring it to fruition.

Paula Freeze

Editor & Webmaster

American Planning Association - Illinois Chapter


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