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Below are some upcoming FREE webcasts. The Illinois Chapter is a sponsor of the APA Chapters/Divisions webcast series. Note that the session on May 25th has just been added. Please visit: http://www.utah-apa.org/webcasts for information on all sessions.

May 13- Private Practice Division - Secrets to Improve Consultant-Client Relations - Introductory 1.5 CM APPROVED

May 19 - Indiana Chapter - New Ideas for Bike-friendly Communities- Introductory 1.5 CM APPROVED

May 25 - Intergovernmental and Regional Planning Division - The Revitalized Chesapeake Bay Restoration Program - Introductory 1.5 CM Submitted
June 3 - Virginia Chapter ‑ Livable Communities, Sustainable Regions: How Transportation Investments Shape Our Development Patterns ‑ Introductory - 1.5 CM APPROVED

June 10 - Economic Development Division - Real Estate Finance from Simple to Complex 1.5 CM APPROVED

June 17 - NCAC-APA and the APA Economic Development Division -  Planning for Regional Innovation Clusters (RICs) - 1.5 CM Pending
June 24 - Technology Division ‑ Introduction to the H+T Affordability Index and Applications in Planning ‑ Introductory 

July 15 - Ohio Chapter - Community Erosion: How traffic flows like water - Introductory Session- Introductory 1.5 CM APPROVED

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