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On or about September 1, the APA-IL Nominating Committee announces a slate of officer candidates and the process for the upcoming election to the Chapter membership. The 2012 APA-IL Chapter Nominating Committee consists of Karen Stonehouse, AICP, Past President; Rob Kowalski, AICP, President; and Kim Porter, AICP, Diversity Committee Chair. 

The slates of officer candidates for the Chapter and its Sections are:

Illinois Chapter
President -- Courtney Kashima, AICP
Vice President -- TJ Blakeman, AICP
Treasurer -- Bob Zimmerer, AICP
Secretary -- Malika Ramdas, AICP

Illinois State Section
Director -- Philip Dick, AICP
Assistant Director -- Jon Oliphant, AICP
Treasurer -- Wayne Dust, AICP
Secretary -- Lorrie Pearson, AICP
Training Coordinator -- Stephanie Ashe Brown, AICP

Chicago Metro Section
President -- James Testin, AICP
Vice President -- Todd Vanadilok, AICP
Treasurer -- Brandon Nolin, AICP
Secretary -- Sara Kopinski, AICP

The process for the election is stated in the Chapter by-laws as follows: 

6.2 Elections - Process. Officers serve two year terms ending in December of even numbered years. In the final six (6) months of the term of Chapter Officers, the following schedule shall be used for the election process.

6.2.1 On or about July 1, the Immediate Past President announces to the Chapter membership that the election process has commenced, forms a nominating Committee comprised of himself or herself and at least one member from each Chapter Section, and invites Chapter members interested in an office to submit their names and desired office to the Nominating Committee for consideration, no later than by August 15. A potential candidate for an office can ensure that his or her name is placed on the ballot if a petition is submitted to the Nominating Committee by August 15 that includes the signatures of at least twenty (20) regular Chapter members in good standing. 

6.2.2 On or about September 1, the Nominating Committee announces to the Chapter membership a slate officer candidates and the process for the upcoming election. The Nominating Committee shall nominate at least one (1) candidate for each office. 

6.2.3 On or about October 1, Ballots, including bios and position statements of candidates listed on the ballot, not exceeding a total of 350 words, shall be sent or emailed to all regular Chapter members in good standing, with a ballot and due date of no later than November 1.

6.2.4 On or about November 30, the Nominating Committee will have completed the tally of all ballots. Candidates receiving the most votes for an office shall be declared elected.

6.2.5 In the event of a tie for any elected office, all tie votes will be resolved by a toss of a coin at the first meeting of Executive Committee following the election but not later than thirty days following the beginning of the new term of office. All candidates with tied votes or their chosen representatives shall be present at the coin toss, unless waived in writing.

6.2.6 During the month of December, the Nominating Committee will announce to the Chapter membership the results of the election and the new officers.

6.2.7 The term of office for the new officers will commence on January 1. Elected officers will be formally installed at the first meeting of the new calendar year (odd years.)
Members should check their email for an electronic ballot around the beginning of October. In addition to the election of officers, the ballot will include some suggested changes to the by-laws of the APA-IL Chapter. 

Please send any questions to Karen Stonehouse, AICP, Past President, at karen at shout.net, or call 773.983.9836. 

Thank you for your participation in this election!


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