[ApaIllinois] Upcoming APA Chapter Webcasts

Paula Freeze, APA-IL Editor editor at ilapa.org
Mon Aug 19 07:44:23 CDT 2013

Great  webcasts through September:

August 23 - 
      Success Stories in Sustainability:  The Common Ground Program – Western 
      Central Chapter

September 6 – 
      Aging and Diversity – Virginia Chapter

September 13 – 
      Green Parking, Sustainable Urban Mobility and Placemaking

September 20 – 
      Where The Boom Babies Grew Up - Post WWII era Suburban Tracts and 

      webcasts will run from 1:00 to 2:30 p.m. Eastern.   CM credit is approved or pending for all webcasts. Webcasts are advertised 
via Facebook and Twitter.   All webcasts will be  recorded and will be available subsequently on the Planning Webcast  Series’ YouTube channel (search “planningwebcast” on www.youtube.com).   Also, the list of Webcasts can be found on the APA-Utah 
site.  All 
presentations are available for viewing, however only those webcasts 
that specifically state "Available for CM Distance" will qualify for credits
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