[ApaIllinois] Upcoming FREE APA Chapter webcasts & AICP Exam Prep Reminder

Paula Freeze, APA-IL Editor editor at ilapa.org
Wed Mar 6 13:59:40 CST 2013

Here's an updated list of upcoming FREE APA Chapter Webcasts:


 8 -Using Design Guidelines to Control Strip DevelopmentMarch
 15 -State and Local Government Fiscal Policies Specific to Oil and Natural Gas Extraction
 22 -Ethics Skits by APA-Delaware
 5 - How Do We Measure Bike Share Success
(Please note webcasts that are "TBD" will be updated once links are processed)

2. ADVERTISING AND ARCHIVES: Webcasts are advertised via Facebook and Twitter.
 Also, the list of Webcasts can be found on the APA-Utah site. Please subscribe to our new Station on
 YouTube! All presentations are available for viewing, however only 
those webcasts that specifically state "Available for CM Distance" will 
qualify for credits. 

3. THERE WILL BE AN AICP EXAM PREP WORKSHOP OFFERED at the 2013 National Conference on April 17th. It's 
only $40 and non-attendees may register for the workshop. For more information: http://www.planning.org/store/product/?ProductCode=ACTIVITY_13CONF_W457

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